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External Database

Resources for Peanut Genome

  PeanutBase    [Link]

Resources for Peanut Gene expression

  Arachis eFP Browser    [Link]
  ArrayExpress    [Link]
     High-throughput sequencing based experiments for Peanut

Resources for Other Plant

  Legume Information System (LIS)    [Link]
     Information about legume genome and traits for crop improvement
  The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)    [Link]
     Focusing on curated information about Arabidopsis gene function

Resources for Peanut Germplasm

  National Plant Germplasm System / The Germplasm Resources Information Network (NPGS/GRIN)    [Link]
     Peanut germplasm resources information

Resources for All Plant

  Phytozome    [Link]
     plant genomes and gene families
  Plaza    [Link]
     A resource for plant comparative genomics
  Plant genome duplication database (PGDD)    [Link]
  PhylomeDB    [Link]
     A database of phylogenetic trees and alignments for plants and other taxa