Maps and traits

Overview of Maps and Traits:

Marker development, genetic map construction and QTL mapping of important traits are keyto genetic improvement of peanut, which are progressing rapidly in recent year in peanut and can be found jounalsof the last decade. PGR lists only information used for this peanut genome project (some with trait QTLs), including (1) an high density map containing a density of 5022 SNP markers from cross of Yueyou92 and Xinhuixiaoli, (2) an SNP map of 1,765 markers from a cross between Zhonghua 5 and ICGV86699, and (3) an integrated map with 3693 markers of SSR and transcripson, which derived from more than 10 maps. (4) a high density map with 1,219 SSR or transcripson markers from Zhonghua 10 and ICG 12625. (5) a high density map with 1114 SSR or transcripson markers from two F2 mapping populations, SKF2 and NYF2, each derived from two peanut varieties.


Map Search:

(1) 267ril map, 314ril map
(2) Integrated map (PDF); also;
(3) 1621SNP Map-1, -2, -3(PDF);
(4) 1114SSR-transposon Map-1, -2(PDF);
(5) 1218SSR Map, -1 (PDF).
The listed maps Includes CMap views and map details (parents, population, methods etc.)
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QTL Search:

(1) 1114-15traits QTL regions;
(2) 1218 QTL mapping.
QTL search including abstracts, trait terms, etc. Search by Clicks.


Marker Search:

(1) Markers for integratedmap-1, -2;
(2) Markers for 1218 map
(3) Markers for 1114 map
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Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) and mapbased gene cloning:

Resistant to Bacterial wilt (PDF);
Some traits, selected from literature, for which MAS has been used. Each MAS page includes detailed information on the trait, commonly used markers with sequence information, genetic lines and allele states, citations, germplasm resources, etc.