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Community resources

  中国农业科学院油料作物研究所    [Link]
     for exploring peanut germplasm, genetic and breeding information
  山东省农业科学院    [Link]
     for exploring peanut genetic, functional genomics, biotechnoloty and production information
  河南省农业科学院    [Link]
     peanut production, genetic improvement and some biotechnology

  APRES    [Link]
     American Peanut Research and Education Society
  PINS    [Link]
     Peanut Information Network System
  IBP    [Link]
     Integrated Breeding Platform, for Peanut    [Link]

  The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)    [Link]
     Peanut resources of genetic improvement, genetic and genomic, and biotchnology research progress


This page offers links to all the functions and visualization tools on Peanut Genome Resource.
Genome Browse browse peanut genome and genes intended for visualization and of genome and genes application It integrated gene annotations and gene expression
Genes may be searched by gene ID, name, description, database (KEGG ortholog, Gene ontology, InterPro) ID.
Use an input sequence (protein or nucleotide sequence) to against peanut genome or genes by executing NCBI BLAST.


Provide description and external information for cultivated peanut species.


List of Important cultivars used in PGR.


Provide description, pictures, and information for important mutants.


Provide description and information for typical varieties in China.
PGR offers information for Markers, Genetic Maps and QTLs of important traits.


PGR offers Genomic data download. Users can download 7 types of sequences (Upstream sequences, 5'-UTR, Gene sequences, 3'-UTR, Downstream sequences, CDS , Protein sequences) by a given keyword, or download a gene list / a sequence within a region.
Survey gene expressions in numerous experimental conditions from transcriptome.


Survey gene expressions in numerous experimental conditions from microarray samples.


Provide statistics about PGR.
Recent researches related to peanut.


Related Resource to peanut (related to Peanut Genome, Peanut Gene expression, Peanut Germplasm, and other plant)